Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Having fun

Wowser, we have been MIA but have been having lots of fun. This past weekend we went back to Springfield and had another agility trial. Tempest did one run each day and I did one run.

Tempie went first on Saturday. She did the jumpers with weaves run and oh boy is she fast. She likes to make dad RUN, BOL

She didn't get a Q because dadster talked to her when going over one of the jumps and it made her drop the bar. Oops!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Here is my agility run from Sunday. I earned TWENTY MACH points. Yes I said 20!!!! That is the most I have ever earned in just one run. So that brings me up to 18 QQ's (need 20) and 550 points (need 750) for my championship. Chipping away at it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This weekend

We had a lot of fun on Saturday. We had an agility trial in Zanesville. Our friends Frankie and Ernie came to cheer us on. They brought their mom and dad and also Sarge's mom and dad. It was a big blogville pawty. Frankie and Ernie's mom took all the photos so be sure to check out their blog for all of those.

They got to see Tempie do her run and then they had to leave to go shopping at some huge flea market thing (I guess they don't really sell fleas there, BOL).

Here is Tempie's run. Don't blink because she is super fast!

She didn't get a Q because dadster opened his mouth when she was going over the jump and made her drop it but other than that she did really good.

Here is my run from Saturday. I got a Q and 11 more MACH points. WHOO HOO!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Georgia on my mind

So last weekend we all (mom, dad and all four of us pups) packed up in the car to head all the way from Ohio to Georgia. As some of you may remember Tempest qualified to compete against the best of the best disc doggers from all around the world!

Here is Tempie doing her freestyle routine on Sunday:

and here is her doing her Toss and Fetch. She did PAWSOME and caught 5 of 7 earning 20 out of a possible 22.5 points.

Tempest ended up placing 53rd out of over 70 of the best of the best teams. We were hoping for top 50 but still VERY proud of my sister. She did pawsome considering how nervous dad was and she isn't even two yet.

More pics and stories to come.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walking Weimaraner Wednesday

Momster is still trying to take Starr on a walk every day. This day she invited Bokeh to join her. Bokeh and Starr are not the best of friends but did really well on their walk together.

 photo WW_zps1e25906f.jpg

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bokeh and Momster

Bokeh likes to snuggle with mom when she is on the recliner at the end of the day.

 photo 10001353_10152834859082160_5329605432651195800_n_zpsf1e42716.jpg

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another 3 day trial

Can you tell I'm getting close to my MACH? Hearing more and more about us going to agility trials. BOL

So this time we went to Springfield. It was outside but it was nice and cool so it wasn't that bad. This is my standard run. I did really good and got a Q and 11 more MACH points.

This is my jumpers run. I didn't get a Q because I knocked over the second jump but I had fun and was running!