Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Saturday at the Trial

Here is my standard run from Saturday at the trial. I gave mom a heart attack because I stopped in the weave poles after I heard something but luckily I kept going and still got a Q and 11 more MACH points.

Here is my jumpers run. I went over the wrong jump at the end so no Q in this one. But I had fun and ran really nice.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tempest at the Trial

Yesterday I told you about our agility trial this past weekend. Well, Tempest got to run all three days as well. Here are her runs from Friday. She didn't get any Q's but boy she had fun. Tempie's breeder actually came out to watch her run on Friday. Tempest was SO excited to see her. Oh...and did we tell you that Tempie's aunt is now pregnant with Tempie's daddies puppies??? Mom said something about they are on the "list"...whatever that means. BOL

Tempest had FUN in her Jumpers run. She was skipping jumps and running around like a mad woman. BOL

She redeemed herself in her standard run. She didn't Q because she didn't do her weaves correctly but the rest of the run was BEAUTIFUL. Even the judge came up to dad after and told him how nice Tempest did.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Trial this weekend and QQ # 18

Our training club hosted an agility trial here in Columbus this past weekend. We were there Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday was a great day for me and I got QQ # 18 towards my MACH title. Only TWO more QQ to go and then we work on our points. ALMOST THERE! Getting SOOOOOO excited about it.

Here is video of my standard run.

and here is my Jumpers run

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dublin Pet Fair

Last weekend we went to the Dublin Pet Fair. They invited our disc dog club out to put on a few shows for the crowd.

It was a wonderful day even though it was supposed to rain, it held off. They had a table for a dear friend of ours who passed away from cancer. Nico was a one of a kind and all about the dogs and doing anything he could to help out in the community. They had a tribute table for Nico and momster got all teary eyed. She misses Nico's warm smile and hugs each time he would see her and us out at events. We think Nico kept the rain away that day and brought out the beautiful sunshine for his friends. We miss you Nico!

 photo B101_1144_zps31384075.jpg

 photo B101_1143_zpsf84267b7.jpg

Nico would have been so happy that people donated to a great cause

 photo B101_1142_zps76240fff.jpg

They had lots of fun games. Bokeh joined in the fastest peanut butter eating contest. Mom tried to point him out in the photo.

 photo B101_1139_zps2c5aaa16.jpg

Here is Bokeh in action trying to eat up all that PB. Sad to say he didn't win but he sure did have fun trying.

After that they did the best kisser contest. Guess who won that one!!! TEMPEST! BOL. She won a gift certificate for a free pizza. YUM!

It was an extra special day because some friends from KOREA were in town to compete and they stopped by Ohio on their way to Tennessee to hang out with us and perform at the event as well. After the event was over mom took us pups home and then they all went out to dinner with their friends from Korea.

Some photos from the actual event

 photo B101_1149_zps35e0c54c.jpg

Lots of people and pups

 photo B101_1151_zpse077c620.jpg

Pic of the disc dog club with our friends visiting from Korea (this is the funny face shot)

 photo B101_1154_zpsd5ace455.jpg

The girl team (they beat they boys, GO MOM!)

 photo B101_1156_zps990ea3ab.jpg

Here is a video of dadster and Tempest doing their part in the demo

You will never believe who joined in the fun! MOM DID! Her first time playing with Bokeh in public I think. She did great and now everyone tells her she has to compete with Bokeh, BOL.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last weekend

Wow, we have been so busy we haven't had a chance to update. Last weekend Tempest and I walked in a parade with mom and dad. Yes, you read that right this year MOM participated. For those that don't know momster has turned her life around and is losing weight and exercising and boy was this parade some nice exercise. We walked about 4 miles that day, mom was pooped (and so were we). The parade was for Arts In The Alley that our city does that has local artist and fair foods and stuff. LOTS of people show up. We walked with our favorite daycare, DOGS RULE!, because they sponsor Tempest and dad and well that is where Tempest goes to play from time to time.

Our friends Matt & Megan joined in with their pups Bella, Bazooka and Buddy (they are known as the B squad, BOL). This photo was taken while we were all waiting on the parade to start up. What is cool is that the humans didn't really make us all lay this way it just kind of happened and mom was like OMD what a great photo op and snapped away.

 photo E101_1131_zpsba01eeab.jpg

Bokeh's cousin and Aunt (Bella and Bazooka)

 photo E101_1128_zpsac83695e.jpg

Here are some from the parade

 photo E101_1133_zps3e6e2989.jpg

 photo E101_1134_zps92bac6c7.jpg

Tempest had to go say hi to all the 87 million kids

 photo E101_1136_zpse0c5638e.jpg

Here are some short video clips. Tempie and me saying hi to the parade fans

Here is one of Bazooka doing her back stall during the parade. The crowd loved us!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Snuggly Saturday

THIS happened at the trial today. Can you believe Tempest fell asleep on me? BOL

 photo Sleepy_zps7dabb8af.jpg

Thursday, September 25, 2014


OMD...can you believe this! MOM forgot today was Bokeh's birthday until a friend emailed Bokeh Happy Barkday! OMD....we need to fire out mom and get a new one. BOL.

Happy 4th Barkday to this handsome boy!

 photo JWB_7543-Edit-Blog.jpg